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Commission Divisions and
Staff Directory


Name Title Phone
Edward S. Finley, Jr Chairman 919-733-0829
Bryan Beatty Commissioner 919-733-6064
ToNola D. Brown-Bland Commissioner 919-733-6060
Don M. Bailey Commissioner 919-733-6050
Jerry C. Dockham Commissioner 919-733-6053
James G. Patterson Commissioner 919-733-6056
Lyons Gray Commissioner 919-733-4071
Kathy Lowell Assistant to Chairman Finley 919-733-0829
Malissa Watson Assistant to Commissioners Beatty, Brown-Bland, Bailey 919-733-0825
Maribel Lazo Assistant to Commissioners Dockham, Gray, Patterson 919-733-4071

Clerks and IT Services DIvision

Name Title Phone
Kim Jones Director 919-733-0846
Chief Clerks Office    
Martha Lynn Jarvis Chief Clerk 919-733-0839
Paige Morris Deputy Clerk 919-715-5976
Janice Fulmore Deputy Clerk 919-733-7214
Walter Davis Processing Assistant 919-715-5975
Julie Kennedy Processing Assistant 919-715-4343
Linnetta Threatt Processing Assistant 919-715-5974
Tracy Condie Processing Assistant 919-715-0396
Shonta Dunston Processing Assistant 919-733-0840
Information Technology    
Lisa Needham IT Manager 919-733-1034
John Morales Operations & Systems Analyst 919-715-0492
Joseph Craig Security Administrator 919-733-0813
Tamika Jones Tech. Support Analyst 919-715-0493

Fiscal Management

Name Title Phone
Pat Jeter Director 919-733-0832
Vacant Financial Analyst 919-733-7683
Vacant Processing Assistant 919-733-0850
Regina Williams Accounting Tech. 919-733-5265

Legal Division

Name Title Phone
Sam Watson General Counsel & Director 919-715-7057
Portia Barnes Assistant 919-733-3977
Betty Jackson-Henry Assistant 919-733-0837
Pat Swenson Processing Assistant 919-733-2794
Leonard Green Attorney 919-733-0834
Patrick Buffkin Attorney 919-733-0835
Kimberly Duffley Attorney 919-733-0833
Corrie Foster Attorney 919-715-9006
Lemuel W. Hinton Attorney 919-733-0836
Court Reporters    
Kim Mitchell Court Reporter 919-715-5993
2nd Floor Office   919-733-7182

Operations Division

Name Title Phone
Bliss Kite Director 919-733-0848
Mona Riggins Assistant 919-733-0838
Water, Sewer & Transportation    
Vacant Deputy Director 919-733-0854
Heather Robinson Assistant 919-733-0626
Freda Hilburn Financial Analyst 919-733-0847
Fenge Zhang Financial Analyst 919-733-0845
Nick Jeffries Transportation Utilities Reg. Director 919-733-4036
Electric & Telecommunications    
George Sessoms Deputy Director 919-715-5292
Bridget Paschal Financial Analyst 919-715-4006
Steve McDowell Financial Analyst 919-733-2924
Vacant Financial Analyst 919-733-0849
Catherine Eastwood Financial Analyst 919-733-0853
Natural Gas    
Bill Gilmore Deputy Director 919-733-9563
Doneisha Washington Administrative Assistant 919-733-6000
Ellen Burns Financial Analyst 919-733-1249
Pipeline Safety    
Steve Wood Director 919-733-6000
Harry Bryant Pipeline Safety Engineer / Inspector 919-733-6000
Michelle Flowers Pipeline Safety Engineer / Inspector 919-733-6000
Hilary King Pipeline Safety Engineer / Inspector 919-733-6000
Anna Williams Pipeline Safety Engineer / Inspector 919-733-6000
Brooks Tate Pipeline Safety Engineer / Inspector 919-733-6000

Fax Numbers

Commissioners   919-715-5970
Fiscal Mgmt.   919-733-1585
Chief Clerk's Office   919-733-7300
Legal & Administration   919-715-2166
Operations   919-733-1585


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