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Clerks and IT Services Division

The Clerks and IT Services Division is made up of the Information Technology Section and the Chief Clerk's Office.

The Information Technology Section is dedicated to providing technology and support to Commission staff for all network, application, and computer based services.

The Chief Clerk's Office is responsible for managing and maintaining the official files of the Commission relating to all formal docketed matters coming before the Commission. For example, these files include such matters as applications filed by utilities for general rate increases, testimony and exhibits of witnesses, transcripts of hearings, a variety of legal pleadings (briefs, motions, proposed orders, etc.), Commission and court orders, etc. The Chief Clerk's office is also responsible for issuing Commission Orders, maintaining the Commission's calendar of hearings, arranging for hearing rooms throughout the state, the collection of and the accounting for filing fees and various other charges for services provided to the public by personnel within the Chief's Clerk's office. The Chief Clerk's office also provides assistance and information to the staff and the public. Further, the Chief Clerk's office has certain other administrative duties and responsibilities. Comparatively speaking, the duties and responsibilities of the Commission's Chief Clerk are very similar to the ministerial duties of clerks of court within the North Carolina Court System.

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