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The Operations Division is composed of the Electric and Telecommunications Section; the Natural Gas Section; and the Water, Sewer, and Transportation Section. The Operations Division is responsible for providing the Commission with expert counsel, assistance, and support in the areas of regulatory, financial, and cost accounting; finance; economics; engineering; statistics; and operations analysis. This division's responsibilities are both technical and administrative in nature and are applicable to all segments of the investor-owned public utility industry. Generally, the Operations Division's major responsibilities include analysis and evaluation of highly technical and complex matters coming before or of interest to the Commission. Major activities of the Division include formulating, developing, and making recommendations to the Commission as to how it should proceed, rule, or otherwise resolve issues with respect to the aforesaid matters. Such activities include presentation, explanation, and defense of said analyses, evaluations, and recommendations in the context of formal Commission decision-making conferences; participation in the formation, development, and implementation of Commission regulatory and administrative policy; preparing and assisting in the preparation of a diversity of Commission Orders; keeping the Commission informed and up-to-date with respect to all matters affecting the regulatory environment from both a technical and an administrative perspective; and other associated duties and responsibilities.

In fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of the Operations Division, personnel within the division, among other things, are required to analyze, evaluate, develop, maintain, and employ personal computer based accounting, engineering, financial, econometric and statistical models and they are required to establish and maintain certain data bases encompassing a wide variety of information and data.

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