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- Every effort has been made to accurately convert the Commission's orders. For an official copy, please contact the Commission directly via the Chief Clerk's office at 919-733-7328.

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Rule Revision Orders

Rule changes since the 2011 Edition of the North Carolina Public Utilities Rules and Regulations

Docket No.
Rule Revised
Title of Order
Date Issued
M-100 Sub 147 R1-28 Order Amending Rule R1-28 To Require Three-Hole Punched Copies to Court Reporter 04/17/18
E-100 Sub 150 R8-71 Order Amending Commission Rule R8-71 04/09/18
GR-100 Sub 0 Chapter 24 Order Adopting Final Rules and Forms 04/06/18
WR-100 Sub 10 R18-6, R18-7 Order Adopting Final Rules and Forms 04/04/18
G-100 Sub 93 R6-96 Order Adopting Final Rule R6-96 03/27/18
E-100 Sub 156 R8-73 Order Adopting Rule R8-73 01/08/18
E-100 Sub 155 R8-72 Order Adopting Rule R8-72 12/19/17
E-100 Sub 150 R8-64(a), R8-66(b), R8-71 Order Adopting and Amending Rules 11/06/17
G-100 Sub 93 R6-96 Order Adopting Interim Commission Rule and Requesting Comments 10/17/17
M-100 Sub 142 R15-1 Order Further Amending Commission Rule R15-1 07/26/17
M-100 Sub 147 R1-5, R1-28 Order Amending Rules R1-5 and R1-28 to Require Single-Sided Copy to Court Reporter 06/27/17
P-100 Sub 133f R9-6 Order Revising Effective Date to December 2, 2016 11/09/16
P-100 Sub 133f R9-6 Order Revising Commision Rule R9-6, Effective December 1, 2016, Requiring Updated Tariffs, Eliminating Lifeline/Link Up Reporting Requirements, and Disbanding the LifeLine/Link Up Task Force 10/27/16
M-100 Sub 142 R15-1 Errata Order 09/12/16
M-100 Sub 142 R15-1 Order Amending Commission Rule R15-1 08/15/16
E-100 Sub 126 R8-60.i(10), R8-60.1 Order Amending Rules 06/13/16
E-100 Sub 134 R8-64 Errata Order 05/23/16
M-100 Sub 143 R1-21(g) Order Promulgating Commission Rule R1-21(g) for Public Witness Testimony 12/15/15
ER-100 Sub 0 R22-4, R22-5, R22-7 Errata Order 07/23/15
ER-100 Sub 0 R22-4, R22-5, R22-7 Order Amending Commission Rule R22 and Forms ER-1 and ER-2 07/20/15
E-100 Sub 111 R8-60 Order Adopting Amendments to Commission Rule R8-60 07/20/15
E-100 Sub 144 R8-70 Order Adopting Commission Rule R8-70 07/08/15
E-100 Sub 134 R8-2, R8-64, R8-65, R8-66 Order Amending Rules R8-2, R8-64, R8-65 and R8-66 03/18/15
E-100 Sub 138 R8-4A, R8-4B Order Adopting New Service Quality Rules for Electric Utilities 03/09/14
E-100 Sub 113 R8-64(e) Order Consolidating Reporting Requirements 12/31/14
E-100 Sub 134 R8-61, R8-63, R8-64 Order Amending Rules and Requesting Comments on Additional Proposed Rule Changes 11/04/14
W-100 Sub 54 R7-39, R10-26 Order Adopting Rules to Implement G.S. 62-133.12 06/06/14
T-100 Sub 93 R2-16.2 Order Adopting Rule R2-16.2 06/05/14
M-100 Sub 139 R1-28, R9-8(d) Order Adopting Revisions to Commission Rules R1-28 and R9-8(d) 05/13/14
ER-100 Sub 0 R22-1 to R22-7 Order Amending Final Rules 03/31/14
M-100 Sub 139 R1-28, R9-8 Order Clarifying Electronic Filing Order and Soliciting Comments 03/31/14
M-100 Sub 140 See Order Order Amending Commission Rules 12/03/13
E-100 Sub 138 R8-40A Order Adopting Rule Establishing Electric Utility Service Quality Metrics and Requiring Filing of Quarterly Reports and Requesting Further Comments 11/25/13
M-100 Sub 139 R1-5(g), R1-25(c), R1-28 Order Implementing Pilot Program for Electronic Filing and Adopting Rule Revisions 11/13/13
M-100 Sub 135 R8-41, R8-61, Order Amending Rules and Scheduling Workshop Regarding Curtailment of Gas Service To Electric Generating Plants 09/10/13
ER-100 Sub 1 R22-4(a), R22-5(h) Order Granting Petition for Rule Clarification 09/04/13
E-100 Sub 126 R8-60.1 Order Amending Rule R8-60.1 05/06/13
E-100 Sub 134 R8-61, R8-63, R8-64 Order Amending Rules R8-61, R8-63 and R8-64 07/30/12
M-100 Sub 136 R1-5 Order Amending Rule R1-5 07/13/12
M-100 Sub 136 R1-5, R1-7, R1-24, R1-25, R8-64 to R8-66 Order Amending Rules R1-5, R1-7, R1-24, R1-25, R8-64, R8-65 and R8-66 06/26/12
P-100 Sub 133f R9-6 Order Amending Participation in the Lifeline and Link-Up Programs and Amending Commission Rule R9-6 06/25/12

E-100 Sub 113

R8-67(b), (c), (h) Order Requiring Electric Membership Corporations and Municipal Power Suppliers to File Measurement and Verification Plans and Results for Energy Efficiency and Demand-Side Management Programs 05/14/12
P-100 Sub 133f R9-6 Errata Order 05/03/12
P-100 Sub 133f R9-6 Order Amending Commission Rule R9-6 05/03/12
ER-100 Sub 0 R22-1 to R22-7 Order Adopting Final Rules 04/19/12
E-100 Sub 126 R8-60, R8-60.1 Order Amending Commission Rule R8-60 and Adopting Commission Rule R8-60.1 04/11/12
P-100 Sub 169 R23-1 to R23-5 Order Promulgation Rule R23-1 Through R23-5 02/28/12
WR-100 Sub 7 R18-6, R18-8 Order Adopting Permanent Rules 01/10/12
ER-100 Sub 0 R22-1 to R22-7 Order Initiating Rulemaking Proceeding 08/17/11
M-100 Sub 4 R1-32, R17-2(K) Order Ruling on the NCTIA's Petition for Modification or Elimination of Certain Reporting Requirements Relating to ILECS and/or CLPS, and Amending Rule R1-32 and Rule R17-2(K) 06/30/11
G-100 Sub 90 R6-2(k)(1), R6-19.2(e) Order Amending Rules R6-2(k)(1) and R6-19.2(e) 04/29/11


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