JACABB Utilities, LLC’s Request to Raise Water Prices
(Docket No. W-1298 Sub 4)
Public Hearing Cancelled for April 25, 2019 in Sylva

On November 13, 2018, JACABB Utilities, LLC (JACABB) filed an application for authority to increase its prices for providing water service in Cedar Ridge Estates Subdivision in Jackson County. JACABB serves 38 residential customers.

JACABB proposes to increase its prices as follows:

Quarterly Metered Water Rates
  Present Rates Proposed Rates
Base Charge, includes first 10,500 gallons of usage Residential Rate, 5/8” x 3/4” meter $100.80 $130.00
Usage Charge, per 1,000 gallons, after first 10,500 gallons
10,501 to 15,000 gallons $3.60 $4.84
15,001 to 24,000 gallons $6.72 $9.03
24,001 and above $11.52 $15.48
New Water Customer Administrative Charge $24.00 $25.00
Reconnection Charges $14.40 $15.00
Returned Check Fee $19.20 $25.00
Tap Fee $500.00 $850.00

The proposed rates would increase the average residential monthly water bill from $33.60 to $43.33, a 28.96% increase, based on average monthly usage of 2,130 gallons.

The proposed rates would increase the average residential quarterly water bill from $100.80 to $130.00, a 28.96% increase, based on average quarterly usage of 6,390 gallons.

The Commission has scheduled a public hearing in order to take statements from members of the public about the Company’s proposed price increases as well as the quality of service that JACABB provides. An officer or representative of the Company is required to appear at the hearing in order to testify concerning its application. However, this hearing may be canceled if no significant protests are received.

The Public Staff – NCUC is a separate agency that represents the using and consuming public in matters before the Commission. They will be reviewing this rate request.

You can email the Public Staff – NCUC to ask a question or make a statement about this proceeding.

Documents about this proceeding can be found here.

Submit a comment to the Commission about this proceeding here.

Or you can mail the Commission a statement at the address below. In any event, your statement will be added to the official public record in this matter within a few days.


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