What do we regulate

NCUC Regulates NCUC Does Not Regulate
  • Investor-owned electric companies such as:
    • Dominion Energy North Carolina
    • Duke Energy Carolinas
    • Duke Energy Progress
      • Rates and charges
      • Meter and billing accuracy
      • Reliability of electric service
      • Quality of service
  • Need for new power plants and large power lines
  • Routes for new large power lines
  • Conservation and renewable energy programs
  • Resellers of electricity
  • Disconnection of service
  • Renewable energy facilities
  • Municipally-owned, public utility districts, and cooperative electric
  • Electrical wiring inside customer's home
  • Damage claims, such as food spoilage from power outages
  • Air or water emissions from power plants
  • Eminent domain decisions or payments
Natural Gas
NCUC Regulates NCUC Does Not Regulate
  • Local Distribution Companies (LDCs):
    • Toccoa Natural Gas
    • Frontier Natural Gas Company
    • PSNC Energy
    • Piedmont Natural Gas Company
  • Intrastate Pipelines
    • Rates and charges
    • Meter and billing accuracy
    • Reliability of Natural Gas Service
    • Pipeline safety oversight for LDCs and municipalities
    • Quality of service
    • Conservation programs such as:
      • Rebate programs for purchasing certain fuel efficient appliances.
      • Education outreach to local schools to educate children about conservation of natural gas.
    • Disconnection of service
  • Resellers of gas
  • Heating oil prices
  • Liquid propane gas prices
  • Damage claims (backhoe hitting a line)
  • House piping
  • Gas pipeline siting
  • Interstate gas pipeline siting (regulated by FERC)
NCUC Regulates NCUC Does Not Regulate

Basic local residential service for certain providers.

For only some providers:

  • Proper authorization of carrier change (slamming and cramming)
  • Billing problems
  • Quality of service
  • Phone number portability
  • Payphone price disclosure and operator services
  • Rates, terms and conditions of wholesale services
  • Numbering resources
  • Interconnection agreements
  • Lifeline program
  • Telecommunications Relay Service
  • Telephone membership corporations
  • Cable and satellite television
  • Damage claims (backhoe hitting a line)
  • Commercial mobile radio service (including cell phones and pagers)
  • Data and internet service providers
  • Long distance providers (with the exceptions of certification and enforcement of slamming and cramming rules)
  • Bundled services (the NCUC does not regulate local residential voice service within a bundle)
Water and Wastewater
NCUC Regulates NCUC Does Not Regulate
  • An entity furnishing water for compensation to the public or operating a public sewerage system for compensation is a public utility provided there are:
    • 15 or more customers
    • Apartment complex -Premises where one or more buildings under common ownership comprising 15 or more apartments are available for rental for residential purposes to lessees
    • Manufactured home park – Premises where a combination of 15 or more manufactured homes or spaces for manufactured homes, are rented or available for rental for residential purposes to lessees
    • Single-family dwelling – An individual, freestanding, unattached dwelling unit which is rented or available for rental as a residence
  • Rates and charges
  • Meter and billing accuracy
  • Disconnection of service
  • Quality of service, apart from drinking water quality
  • Resellers of water
  • Municipal or county systems
  • Nonprofit and consumer-owned corporations
  • Sanitary districts
  • Homeowners’ associations
  • Mobile home parks (where water/wastewater is included in rent)
  • Drinking water quality standards (regulated by NCDEQ)
NCUC Regulates NCUC Does Not Regulate
  • Motor carriers of household goods within the State and their rates and their charges subject to provisions of Maximum Rate Tariff, effective1/1/2003
  • Regular route passenger carriers
  • Passenger brokers
  • Ferryboat operators, apart from ferries operated by NCDOT’s Ferry Division
  • Interstate household goods movers
  • Commercial or office moves
  • Government moves
  • Retail deliveries

For Help with NCUC-Regulated Utilities Call NCUC Public Staff: 1-866-380-9816 (919-733-9277)

For utilities that the NCUC does not regulate, we suggest you contact one of these agencies:


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