Staff Directory

Directory of all State Employees

Name Title Phone
Charlotte A. Mitchell Chair 919-733-0829
ToNola D. Brown-Bland Commissioner 919-733-0825
Lyons Gray Commissioner 919-733-4071
Daniel G. Clodfelter Commissioner 919-733-0825
Kimberly W. Duffley Commissioner 919-733-4071
Jeffrey A. Hughes Commissioner 919-733-0825
Floyd B. McKissick Jr. Commissioner 919-733-4071
Brandi McMillen Assistant to Chair Mitchell 919-733-0829
Lisa Henderson Assistant to Commissioners Clodfelter, Hughes 919-733-0825
Maribel Lazo Assistant to Commissioners Duffley, Gray 919-733-4071
Stephanie Thompson Assistant to Commissioners Brown-Bland, McKissick 984-920-7478

The Clerk’s Office reviews incoming filings, ensures that they meet any filing requirements, categorizes them, and posts them on our website. It also issues the Commission’s orders. The IT Section oversees the operation of the Commission’s computer hardware and applications, including this website, the docket system and email.

Name Title Phone
Kim Jones Director
Chief Clerks Office   919-733-7328
Shonta Dunston Chief Clerk 919-715-5974
Erica Green Deputy Clerk
Joann Snyder Deputy Clerk
Tamika Conyers Program Coordinator
Julie Kennedy Program Coordinator
Jeremy Taylor Program Coordinator
Lindsey Worley Program Coordinator
Information Technology   919-733-7328

The Fiscal Management Division processes the fees required to be paid by the regulated utilities to support the work of the Commission. It also manages the Commission’s budget.

Name Title Phone
Sacajawea Gray Director 919-733-0832
Joyce Gwyn Administrative Officer 919-733-9682
Sherry Hall Accountant 919-733-7683
Vacant Administrative Specialist 919-733-7680
Terreca Ettson Accounting Tech. 919-715-0422
Regina Williams Accounting Tech. 919-733-5265
Name Title Phone
Beverly Blue Human Resource Officer 919-733-0850

The Legal Division provides legal advice to the Commissioners and Commission employees. It also assists the Commission with scheduling hearings and preparing orders.

Name Title Phone
Sam Watson General Counsel & Director 919-715-7057
Heather Fennell Assistant Director 919-715-9006
Leonard Green Deputy General Counsel 919-733-0834
Le Anne Ackerman Assistant 919-733-0837
Vacant Assistant 919-733-3977
Jill Franke Paralegal 919-819-6573
Pat Swenson Paralegal 919-733-2794
Erin Duffy Attorney 919-733-0835
Jennifer Harrod Attorney 919-715-1092
Warren Hicks Attorney 919-268-7436
Lynn Jarvis Attorney 919-715-0578
Derrick Mertz Attorney 919-733-0836
Monica Webb-Shackleford Attorney 919-733-0833
Court Reporters    
Kim Mitchell Hearings and Court Reporting Manager 919-715-5993
Tonja Vines Court Reporter 984-920-7478

The Operations Division consists of accountants, engineers, and other utility experts who review utility filings and assist in preparing orders. The pipeline safety engineers inspect the records and practices of pipeline facilities owners to assure compliance with federal safety requirements.

Name Title Phone
Freda Hilburn Director 919-733-0847
Bridget Paschal Assistant Director 919-715-4006
Heather Robinson Assistant 919-733-0626
Felicia Holder Assistant 919-733-0838
Vacant Assistant 919-733-6000
Rates and Regulatory Planning and Analysis Section    
Nathan Barber Manager 919-715-5292
Poornima Jayasheela Manager 919-733-9563
Dustin Rhodes Engineer 919-733-0849
Vacant Financial Analyst 919-715-0848
Ellen Burns Financial Analyst 919-733-1249
Catherine Eastwood Financial Analyst 919-733-0853
Jenny Li Financial Analyst 919-733-0854
Steve McDowell Financial Analyst 919-733-2924
Fenge Zhang Financial Analyst 919-733-0845
Janice Fulmore Program Coordinator II 919-715-0917
John Gajda Public Utilities Engineer 919-733-0839
Nick Jefferies Transportation Utilities Reg. Director 919-733-4036
Pipeline Safety    
Steve Wood Gas Pipeline Safety Manager 919-733-6000
Harry Bryant Pipeline Safety Officer 919-733-6000
Ronald Davis Pipeline Safety Officer 919-733-6000
Michelle Flowers Pipeline Safety Officer 919-733-6000
Hilary King Pipeline Safety Officer 919-733-6000
Brooks Tate Pipeline Safety Officer 919-733-6000
Richard Turk Pipeline Safety Officer 919-733-6000
Anna Williams Pipeline Safety Officer 919-733-6000
Name Phone
Commissioners 919-715-5970
Fiscal Mgmt. 919-733-1585
Chief Clerk's Office 919-733-7300
Legal & Administration 919-715-2166
Operations 919-733-1585


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