Electronic Filing

The North Carolina Utilities Commission is pleased to offer electronic filing. Please review the E-Filing Requirements document below for important information about how to file electronically with the Commission. Note that you must have an NCID login to electronically file with the Commission.

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E-Filing Requirements

Online Filing Users Guide

Please refer to this order to view rule changes in regards to electronic filings.

Note: Docket numbers must be written on all electronic correspondence in accordance with Commission rules. Electronic filings received without docket numbers will be rejected: Rule R1-8. DOCKET NUMBERS REQUIRED ON PLEADINGS AND PAPERS All pleadings, papers and correspondence relating to formal proceedings to which docket numbers have been assigned shall refer to such docket numbers.

Note: Please note that it may take 10 to 15 minutes after submission of a filing for it to be processed by the Clerk’s Office. Therefore, you may want to submit your filing at least by 4:30 p.m. on the day that it is due in order to allow sufficient time to refile before the end of the day if your filing is rejected for any reason. You may also want to contact the Clerk’s Office in advance if you plan to make a filing late on the day that it is due so that they can anticipate your filing and offer any necessary assistance.


While logged in users can also subscribe to dockets, companies or company types. For assistance please refer to the subscription user guide below. Also for searching tips (as well as how to properly format docket numbers), refer to the search tips document.

Subscription User Guide


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